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  • Vienna Suite/Saving presets

    After using up the demo period of Vienna Suite I was unable to live without them and so I purchased them today.

    It's an incredibly good deal considering the package includes a convolution reverb that I can load my extensive collection of IR's into.

    For anyone interested in modern drum production then IMO the compressor and limiter are really very good. The eq's have the best user interface design I have used (and I've used a lot) and they sound wonderful.

    I am not an orchestral musician at all but come from the rock/pop world. Perhaps these plugs were designed for orchestral use but IMO they have many uses well outside that genre.

    To my question: My favourite sets of IR's are made by Acousticas. Their Lexicon 480 and EMT 245 and 252 collections are a big part of my workflow. I know I can scroll through the responses in the impulse window (I'm already doing that) but is there a way for me to include the presets in the factory menu. In this way I could have a folder hierarchy and not just scroll through the IR's. The normal "save" function does not allow me to save to a folder.....why is that?

    Secondly… What's with the preset menu in the top left corner off all the plugs? I saved a preset in there and it just doesn't show up. How do they work and could this be a method of saving my Acousticas presets?

  • Oh and while we are on the subject: will it be possible in a future update to edit one's typing in the Preset Save window. At the moment if you make a mistake you have to cancel and start again. I mean we don't need a word processor but some basic functionality would be useful. Thanks.

  • Hi philco,

    thanks for your kind feedback!

    I have added both feature requests to our to-do-list, we will see what we can do!

    Concerning the preset menu: Is this in the Vienna Suite GUI or are you referring to the preset menu of your host?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the response.

    Yes I'm referring to the Vienna GUI in general. When you open any plug wether it's one of yours or another manufactures there is always that presets box in the top left and I haven't figured out how it works. The manual makes no reference to it.

    With my  IR collection I have discovered that if I load an IR and then save it with the save menu the preset is remembered correctly and recalls the relevant IR. That IR is in another folder so obviously the preset file is remembering that. Then I can go to the finder and make a folder structure in the Convolution Reverb's preset folder. This will then appear in the menu of the plug. Unfortunately it would take me a week to complete the task of saving all presets. But the basic functionality is obviously available.

    I think you will sell a lot more Vienna Suites if you allow the complete import of Altiverb and Acousticas IR's. That's my guess.

    You may have to allow for the import and display of the Altiverb pictures though. I note that TL Space also does this.

    Also there is some dissatisfaction with the browser in Altiverb. It's too hard to read and manage the large amounts of IR's. TL Space wins in this area.

    If I may be so bold I would encourage you to design your Convolution Reverb with the best browser available. You would then get the ProTools community using your plug from within ProTools.

    That would also mean that you would have to break up your Suite concept and sell plugs separately but that's a whole other subject!!