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  • [SOLVED] Audio over LAN works but Midi over LAN does not work with Logic

    Hi all, I'm new to Vienna Ensemble Pro so please excuse my ignorance if this is a simple thing I'm missing. I'm running Logic 8 on my mac and VEP on a standalone PC. I can see and connect the PC easily and the audio routes great as well. However there seems to be no midi connection between the two. Is there something else I need to enable? I tried running VEP on my Mac as a localhost and everything works without a problem. Many thanks!

  • Hi,

    I have the exact same problem but I'm working in Digital Performer in a host Mac book pro. DP's midi monitor shows an input from my keyboard, and audio returns from my slave PC through VE Pro (clicking the built in keyboard) but midi doesn't send to the PC over ethernet. Both Midi port and channel are set to omni and all software is the most current. I can't find anything in the manual about this specifically. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • I'm having the same problem with Sonar, Finale, Sibelius, and Bidule! [^o)]

    What gives? I'm sure I'm missing some setting....

    1. Have you checked that your Firewall is off?
    2. Have you disabled any other network connection, eg. Internet, wireless network?
    3. Have you set your computers to use static IP?


  • I have tried out my setup (Mac book pro host running leopard with PC slave in VE Pro) with Digital Performer 7 and Logic 9, but still no midi is making it to the PC.

    I have disabled the firewall and I've got no anti-virus software installed. All incoming rules under advanced firewall settings have been set to "allow" for this network. I'm using a static IP address too. I also got the latest drivers for my motherboard and LAN card....

    It's very odd because I get audio back when using the virtual keyboard, so the connection seems to be good. That makes me think it's a problem on the PC slave end of things, but I don't know how make the network any more open. Does anyone know of any other settings that could be blocking the incoming MIDI?

    What about the external midi option under preferences? In the manual it says this is an experimental feature.

    Btw, for others experiencing this problem, what OS do you have for your PC? I'm running Windows 7 home edition on a PC I built myself.

    I'm pretty frustrated at this point, as I still can't use VE Pro in my new machine... Please help!


  • Hi Everyone,

    The guys at Vienna figured out the problem (at least for me) and it's an easy one: make sure you have the latest version of VE Pro (4881) on BOTH machines. **DUUUUHH**

    Thanks to Martin Saleteg and Paul Steinbauer,


  • Thanx to you, Derek, as I was worrying about my setup and expecting for some boring hours, facing the same problem you had... That's a so nice and easy issue, smile on my lips when I saw your post ! Silly me...