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  • fx on inserts and buses + comp


    i absolutely need to elaborate a few templates in ensemble pro, so that i get an orchestra (or a few ensembles) "out-of-the-box" ready to be used whenever i need it. i was wondering how you're using plugins in ensemble pro.

    so far, using vsl suite plugins, i'm inserting eq, then powerpan on each instrument, then i sent each section to a different reverb for depth purposes. what about compression? do you use any comp on instruments or buses? if so, for which purpose? any bus setting that you recommend?

    i'm asking this because i thought it might be beneficial to send all my strings (strings as an example, but i applies to each section - maybe not percussion though) into a bus comp to make it sound like one entity. but i'm unsure:
    1. if it makes sense
    2. what settings to apply to all the strings together

    any thought on the order in which plugins should be inserted, and on the use of compression would be welcome.