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  • A newbie with a G5 ppc dual 2Ghz

    Hi people, this is my first post, but it's a lot of time I read your posts, and i can see there are a lot of good people in this forum. I'm not a reach man, i dont have enough money for a new computer like a super mac pro, but i work with my old G5 dual 2Ghz and logic 7.2. My computer works well and all my productions have been produced with that. Now I would approach the VSL, trying to find one of the older versions that work well with my computer. So I ask you some questions: 1) What works better on my computer? The Vienna Instruments (I'm thinking of the special edition) or the old series Horizon Opus 1 to 2 with the performance tool (I have not understood what are the performance tools and how they interact with EXS24 ...) 2) I'm looking for the serial opus used but I can not find it anywhere. Nobody sells?? There are old stock or something? Thank you to everyone for the help

  • Hello,

    Vienna Instruments is the only library VSL sells now, The Horizon series is discontinued. I've been using a very similar computer as yours with logic 8. If you had the special edition, you would be able to use the Standard VI instruments player in logic and probably get between 10-16 instruments playing at once. (dependant on instruments used). I now use this G5 computer (10.5) and a Slave i7 PC with Ve Pro.

    Hope this helps a little.



  • Thank you for the reply... I think that 10 - 16 Vienna instruments is a good thing... I imagine for the future to upgrade the system or take a pc -slave like you... But tha strange fact is that nobody sells the horizon series, i cant find nobody in ebay (original and legal version, sure!) ...

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    welcome sentiero76,

    there is no legal and/or original version on ebay... you could try to ask midware, though i doubt they would have some left ...

    my suggestion would be anyway to start with the special edition rather than with horizon opus at the state of affairs ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi, I found the vsl solo strings standard + extended used with the vsl key (a second hand). Is it possible to transport the license?? thank youuu

  • for details on a license transfer please contact VSL Sales


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.