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  • Can plugs cause problems by just being in the folder?

    ProTools users will be familiar with the problem of having non compatible plugins residing in the plug folder. Even if you don't use them in a session they will cause many problems by just being in the folder. Is this the case with VEPro? Yesterday I moved some of my plugs from my master to my slave machine. I moved a bunch of PSP plugs. A Brainworx plug and also Albino and Cronox. Also Speakerphone 2 by Audioease. Apart from some graphic issues with the PSP plugs they all seemed to operate ok. But then my session started to suffer drop outs. None of these plugs were instantiated but they were in the folder. The track would play and then the drums would drop out for 4 seconds. The drums are in Kontakt 4 and have been working perfectly for a week. Nothing else in VEPro is running. Just the drums. The CPU load on my 8 core Mac Pro is about 8%. When this drop out occurs I note that one of my cores maxes out to 100% for the length of the audio drop out and then slowly drops back down. When this happens it is always a different core that maxes out. When I quit VEPro the program quits but one core of the Mac will max out to 100% for about a minute and then return to normal. It has also crashed the machine on quit. Ok I had enough of that so I removed all those plugs and put them in a folder on the desktop. I also restarted the computer. Now I still get the drop outs but they are less and much quicker..........only half a second. But still enough to drive anyone insane. Also when I quit VEPro I still get a 100% spike in one core but only for about 15 seconds. I would like to go back to the way the system was working before and to do this I would usually uninstall VEP and do a fresh install. So what are your thoughts on this? Can a plug cause problems just because it has been scanned at load time and even if it is not being used in the session?

  • A simple yes or no would suffice. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Which process is causing the high CPU load?



  • VEP was simply playing back some drum samples from Kontakt 4. It is on my slave machine and receiving from PrTools 8 from another G5 Mac.

    Every few minutes VEP would drop out and when it did I noticed a 100% spike in one of the cores of the slave machine. I have an app that shows the % load on all 8 cores. When that core returned to a normal % ...........around 8% then the sound would be restored. It would be a different core every time. So to answer your question....nothing was causing the CPU load. It would just do it randomly at different perts of the song.

    So I think it's important to establish if it was the new plugs I put in the folder that caused this. I say it is because I pulled them out and things improved. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled 4834 and now VEP works perfectly again. We should know if incompatible plugs cause these problems so we can avoid the situation.

    At the moment I wont put those plugs back in the folder.