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  • Cannot Reconnect VE Pro Instances in Logic 8 / 9.1

    This is such an obvious and unavoidable crash, it's hard to believe I'm the only one. This happens with both 4.0 build 8441 and the previous version. 

    If I disconnect all instances of VE Pro from within Logic, then re-open a Vienna Ensemble plug-in instance, I'll get the window that offers a connection. But when I click "Connect," no options are available (not "New" or the still-running instances in the VE Pro server window). The beach ball follows within seconds, and Logic hangs. 

    The same thing happens in Logic 8 and 9.0.2. 

  • Could you perhaps send a crash report to That would help tremendously.

  • Okay, listen up folks. I've proven this successfully three times now. 

    I can disconnect and then get the reconnect list back (all disconnected instances and "New") for twenty-three instances. (I haven't manually tried to reconnected them. I'm assuming I can once they are listed.)

    On the twenty-fourth disconnect, Logic hangs. VE Pro does not crash, only Logic. 

    I Force Quit Logic. The remaining three instances are still listed as "connected localhost" in the 64-bit server window. When I re-launch the song file in Logic, the previous twenty-three instances successfully re-connect (automatically, as the Logic song loads). Then Logic loads three new instances, ignoring the three that are still listed as "connected localhost" in the server window.

    Perhaps this goes unreported because no one has yet disconnected and attempted to reconnect this many instances on a single computer. I'm only doing it to diagnose regrettable CPU performance linked to a high template load on a single computer. 

    EDIT: Hi Karel. I'll try to send you something soon, now that I know how to invoke the crash.