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  • Some patches don't work

    Hi everybody! i bought the special edition plus. now, everything works fine, but some patches don't fact all the patches with an "S" after the number like "05S VI legato"...example: i open the matrix "01S Solo Violin+" and choose the patch with keyswitch "4A" named "05S VI legato" and i won't hear anything. What does the "S" stand for? I thought until now that it stands vor a matrix...and why works every patch with a "B" like in this example the patch "02B VI fortepiano"? I hope that somebody can help me..

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    Hello mistalovalova,

    I checked your registration, you have registered "only" the Special Edition PLUS, which gives you extra articulations for the "normal" Special Edition.

    As this is additional content ("PLUS"), the patches are integrated in the Special Edition content - which includes the essentials like legato, sustains and so forth.

    Here is the sample content of the Special Edition.

    Here is the sample content of the Special Edition PLUS.

    Hope that gives you a good overview.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL