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  • 4 gig stick stability?

    Vision DAW currently doesn't offer a 4 gig stick memory option as stability has been an issue. I was wondering if any forum members are running 6x4 gigs (24 gigs memory) with stability?

  • On what motherboard? Is this for an i7 PC, by any chance?


  • Yes, this is for an I7 processor. They're stating 6 slots so it could be anyone of the 6 slot motherboards. On their site the exact quote is; "NOTE: The VisionDAW Core i7 Workstations can support up to 24GB of memory. Currently stable 4GB DDR3 memory modules are not generally available. Once these memory modules are tested and certified we will list them as a configuration option."

  •  Ah, well I have the older generation CPUs and memory. Maybe think about getting an older/refurbished machine if you need more than 12GB RAM. I'm running 32GB with no problems. My new machine will have 48GB, so I'll post here about the stability when I've fully tested it.


  • 24 GB for X58 motherboards are somehow expensive as well as hard to get ...

    eg. the kingston KHX1600C9D3K6/24GX 6 x 4 GB kit has a list price of EUR 1.350.- here but i'm not sure when it would arrive if i order now ...


    if vision daw mentions they notice stability issues (eg. because of heat maybe) i'd beleive what they say ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.