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  • Missing Appass 1 Articulation.

    I had a peek at a couple of Guy Bacos`s video demo thingys, and i noticed that in the Appass1 Violins demo there was a Art called VI20 Arpeggios.

    How come those are nowhere to be found in my Appass (level2) set?

    Hm did VSL remove them from the collection recently or something?

  •  Hmm now that you mention it,  I don't seem to have them either.  Strange.


  • There are arpeggios in the Appasionata 2  collection. Is that what it may be referring to?

    EDIT: Just double-checked my collection for you. VI20_Arpeggios IS listed in the Appasionata II Library. So that's where it is from.

  • No, the Appass 2 library is with mutes , im talking about non-muted arpeggios for the Violins, Violas and Celli, which alot of other users seems to have in their Level 2 set of Appassionata Strings 1, and is clearly seen and HEARD here

    Not that its such a big deal...but i`d surely like to know why i don`t have the same articulations in the full Appass library as others do.?

  •  All arpeggios are part of Appassionata II (with and without sordino).



  •  Ah , see...thanx for clearing that up.

    I thought the entire contents of APPII was con sordino, as there is no mention of any regular arpeggios anywhere on your product pages.

  •  The non sordino arpeggios where just a goodie for all Appassionata II buyers.

    (99,9% of Appassionata II  do have a Appassionata I license)