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  • Solo Strings of VSL - the most professionally useful library available

    I am writing this is response to the other thread which is complete misinformation and absolutely false.  There is no other solo string library with the musical quality and technical polish of the VSLSolo Strings.  So to state it is not useable for "professional" purposes is completely false.  It is the MOST useable of all that are available.  Also, as has been pointed out MANY TIMES the sounds not sustaining is  the result of loops not being used because they sound aritificial with the extreme close realism of these sounds. This is not any problem at all to a professional OR an amateur, beacuse it is childishly simple to use a crossfade or a sustain sound. 

    I would like to ask what professionals here use the Solo Strings library and what they think of it.  To me, it is an invaluable and inspiring tool with the utmost professional and musical quality.

  •  Yes William, I think you have a point and what is more, this thread is positive.  But I doubt you will get many replies.  Good news doesn't sell.

  • Complete agreement with this.

  • I'm a hobbyist, so my opinion might not be worth much, but I do love the Solo Strings, and to my ears, they do sound very realistic. I consider the library to be the best money I've ever spent on a virtual instrument. :)

  • VSL solo strings has nothing to do with "prosumer" stuff that has flooded the market for virtual instruments. The outstanding demos gave me the confidence to dive into the samples. After emulating a couple of string quartet mouvement I can work much faster then before but I am not close to fully exploit its potential.

    Solo strings is my favourite Vsl product. Just think that each of the four players needed at least 20 years to reach to that standard of playing.

    So consider at least a small percentage of that to master its virtual counterpart.

  •  That is interesting veet and i agree with that about not being close fully exploiting the potential.  That is how I feel about all the VSL sounds - they have the most gigantic potential that you could spend years and years trying to fully use. 

  • Please add my vote to this package.  Of the packages I own it is by far my favorite.  Everytime I begin writing a large orchestral piece, I end up finishing it as a Piano and Solo Strings piece.  The realism of this package is to die for.  Just the other day my mother came to my house for a visit while I was working on creating a template in MIR.  The only thing I had loaded up was Pianoteq and Solo Strings Violin (so just two tracks).  Knowing she would have no idea what the hell I am talking about, I still decided to show her the amazing creative ability presented to you when using crossfade and expression.

    I began playing a melody with the Solo Violin and started pumping my expression pedal and blending the crossfade on some top notes to make them soar with intensity.  Within 15 seconds her eyes were filled with water and the only thing she could say was, "that is so incredibly beautiful".  She then stuttered to get out that "it just grips you and rips at your heart".  This is a woman who is 60 years old and has been a musician and dancer her whole life.  This package has the ability to turn the most simple melody into a world class performance if you put the time into it to make it sing.  If you're to lazy to do any of the above then it is your short coming that is at fault, not the contents of the package.

    Solo Strings was the best investment I have ever made in samples.  But in my opinion to get the full potential you need both the standard and extended library.  I struggled a bit until I gave in and bought the extended package.  I am so glad I did.  I just can't seem to get away from using this package in 100% of my works.  By adding in some of the nice full string samples from Special Edition I haven't come across a need for others yet.  I simply won't praise a product that is undeserving.  This product deserves the praise it gets.  (Another item of praise is epic horns in my opinion).


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    @William said:

     Yes William, I think you have a point and what is more, this thread is positive.  But I doubt you will get many replies.  Good news doesn't sell.


    I would just like to back up what everybody else is saying on this thread.  VSL has definately made dreams come true and they are the best sample library on the market for professionals and amateurs alike hands down.

    BTW, like William, I also suffer from a bipolar disorder.

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    @jasensmith said:

    BTW, like William, I also suffer from a bipolar disorder.


    Yes, so do I. 

    Hey Jasensmith, you don't even own Solo strings so who the hell cares what you think? 

  • I don't own the solo strings libraries, but I think VSL libraries in general are the best around. I've tried other libraries, but I found the Vienna ones offer the most flexability.

  • That is remarkable for me: Only now, after a "provocative" statement of Londoner, VSL users start to share how much they like solo strings.

    I searches the forum last before purchasing it and found it really hard to filter out any kind of testimonials.

    There is such a huge difference between the American and the European way of hype , ahem I mean way of life  [:D].

  • Yes, there is a lot of taking things for granted by users.  In fact, it is done as much by amatuers who expect everything to be perfect instantly and get outraged if that doesn't happen, as by professionals who constantly make money with these samples and never say a thing about them good or bad.  Everyone today takes technology for granted.  But there are people creating this technology and it is not easy.  And with musical technology, which deals with something that is essentially infinitely complex, it is even more difficult to create. 

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    @Another User said:

    Hey Jasensmith, you don't even own Solo strings so who the hell cares what you think? 

    Well.........I would imagine your Mother cares.

    You've obviously got some serious issues to deal with so I'll wish you all the best.

    Good luck



  • Tripolar disorder?!?!?! 

    Ah!!! So, are you looking for sympathy sweatheart?  Is that it?

    Colin, I think I speak for every member of this forum when I say, take your tripolar whatever and shove it up your @$$!!!  You're not going to get any sympathy from us!  Now if you would kindly stop posting your personal problems on this forum we would appreciate it.  As somebody mentioned earlier, this forum is dedicated to musical matters only and it is not for you to tell us your life story from DNA up until what you stuffed your face with for breakfast this morning!  Thank you.

    Nuff said. 

  • Tripolar disorder?

    My God.  You poor wretched soul.

    I think I speak for every member of this forum when I say you have our complete support and sympathy during this time of uncertainty.  There should be a fund for people as unfortunate as you are.  Is there?  I would like to make a donation.  If not, let's start the Tripolar Foundation and get the ball rolling.  Together we could make it happen.

    BTW, pay no never mind to that jasensmith guy, he's a loudmouth idiot.  

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    @jasensmith said:

    BTW, pay no never mind to that jasensmith guy, he's a loudmouth idiot.  


    Hey, how would you know if I have a loud mouth or not?

  • Dear Patient

    I have to admit that I have certain reservations about continuing your treatment, not solely because your last cheque (or check to keep the spelling simple) bounced,  but because you seem determined to go public re your "condition".

    As your Doctor, I am obliged to question the wisdom of this decision. Whilst there are other Doctors out there that may claim to be better qualified in treating your ailment, I can guarantee you that I have at least three weeks experience in your field.

    What happened with that sheep had nothing to do with me. The fact that I spent three weeks in your field is entirely coincedental. Any photographic evidence that suggests otherwise should be treated with the greatest scepticism.

    Now, I should point out (and this will cost you $142) that you are a very confused man. I quite clearly pointed out in a previous post that I was diagnosed as suffering from TriPOPular disorder, not Tripolar which I am deeply suspicious is an illness that you just made up as you continue your descent down the spiral of denial. (Anyone looking for a lyricist?)

    You have to deal with these issues(That'll be $273 thankyou) and deal with them head on.

    Unlike that sheep in your field.

    C U Next Tuesday at the same time....

  • .