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  • New instrument suggestions...

    I'm sure the VSL team are not short of ideas on where to go next but just some personal suggestions...
    I'm sure if you recorded the Japanese 'Shinobue', it would be fantastic. Not especially known but a beautiful instrument.
    The Viol family. I'm sure you guys have thought about them already but I would be very interested in Viols of various sizes.
    Ok, those are some ideas...I know there is a choir in the works but what about a boy's choir?
    Looking forward to responses...

  • It seems as though this thread pops it's head up in one form or another on the furom every once in a while so I'll contribute as well.

    I second the boys choir suggestion.  Also, I would like to see some Baroque Flutes or Recorders (is there a difference between the two?).  I haven't seen any percussion additions to the VSL instrument family in a while so how about some Barundi Drums 

  • On the subject of Baroque...Baroque period instruments such as oboes and recorders would be fantastic.
    I think that Baroque recorders and oboes were essentially the same then as they are now (in sound quality, anyway) but the flute is far less 'reedy' now. It used to sound a lot less satisfying to composers.

  • i would love to have the Sheng (chinese "mouthorgan") sampled... such a beautiful instrument...

  • Hey - maybe they recorded a vienna boys choir with the SATB choir soon to be released.  Wouldn't that be a nice treat.  For the 'right' boys choir I'd pay just about anything.   The 10+ year old Eric Pershing library is STILL the standard (but of course by today's sampling and software side of things is well behind the potential - but the 'tone' is still gorgeous.).  Surprised someone hasn't tried to capture that coveted spot on the 'sampling frontl'????