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  • MIR VST question

    I"m a little confused about MIR. I'm working with the free demo download (build 1670). Does it load plug ins in the same way VE Pro loads them? In VE Pro I can load a Kontakt player (3 and 4), Battery 3, and other items. In MIR build 1670 (the demo download) I see them listed in the preferences folder, but I don't see an option other than adding a new Vienna instrument. Can I add a VST instrument? If so, how?

    Surely I'm missing something.


  • I think I figured this out. I did not realize I was suppose to look for the plug in under the instrument profile menu.


  • Actually they can be found in the "Source"-pulldown in the Instrument Edit window. - Good to hear that you found them! ;-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I cannot find it...there seems to be no updated manual for 1.1 (build 1670). I don't know how to specify the VST folder and how to use another sound source than Vienna Instruments. When I hit "EDIT", I can only select "family" and "instrument" but not a specific soundsource. When I hit "OPEN" on the right panel ("INSTRUMENT"), the Vienna Instruments panel opens and I cannot change it.

  • Ok, just found it - VST folder is specified under "AUDIO/MIDI settings"...could the be renamed to "AUDIO/MIDI/VST settings"? 

  • You are right about the manual - but in fact MIR 1.1 is still (public) beta, and that's the main reason for the missing paragraphs.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library