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  • muted trumpet

    I am walking around with this some time now....

    Is there any library on the world in which muted trumpets sound classically music? I'm searching for that thin, sharp and penetrating sound. 

    But in any virtual instument I searched it's always sort of a jazzy mute...

    any suggestions?


    ps. the same goes for muted trombones btw...

  • hi bart,

    i find "The Trumpet" from samplemodeling to be quite versatile. it has several muted modes, incl. a harmonic mode, that might just be what you are looking for. it sounds particularly good if you are using a wind controller.
    however, i couldn't find any audio demos on their site that showcase that particular mute..

  • Sounds like you want straight mute.  Any classical library that says "mute" likely means straight mute - for any other kind of mute they would be more specific.

  • The problem with some libraries is that they do offer a straight mute, but it's played so jazzy that it sounds misplaced in a classical context...

    the pp-mf samples are often ok... but when it comes to the forte and louder...they don't cut thorugh like a classical straight mute would do ...

    Maybe I should start mixing them more agressively with Vienna Suite :)