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  • Sibelius: how to return VI to default settings after playback?

    My question is a general DAW question but the solution might be a bit different in Sibelius I think.

    Sibelius has the possibility to assign midi data in the score as regular text starting with a "~". This way, it is possible during playback of the score to (for example) adjust paramaters on the Vienna Instruments "perform page" if they are mapped to certain MIDI CCs.

    I use "velocity X fading" to control the dynamics in my score. Only when a "ppp" is used, I adjust the expression slider by using a "~" MIDI command as described above. After the "ppp" passage, I return the expression slider to it's default by another "~" command.

    If I stop playback before Sibelius has sent the command to return the expression slider back into it's default position, the next playback will start with the wrong settings. Even worse, If I save the playback configuration or the metaframe, it will save the manipulated position of the expression slider.

    My question is the following:
    What is the right solution to be sure that every time I start playback in Sibelius, all sliders will start in the right position?

    BTW 1: the use of expression is only by example. I can image the use of much more controllers to get optimal playback results.
    BTW 2: to this respect I think using Sibelius is not different from using a DAW like a sequencer, so there must be kind of a general solution?

    Thanks a lot for any suggestions in advance,


  • Hi Wim!

    I know what you mean, but where shall the sequencer know what your default values are? This would require an entry mask in the sequencer for every track (or staff), where you can input your default values for controllers.

    On the other hand I think Sibelius can read MIDI commands, that were sent before the playback starting position. If you make a "~Cx,x" entry for every track at the beginning of the score, this could help.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I have found it is best to have all the default midi controller data on each stave at the begining of the score so that solves the problem of starting playback from the beginning.

    I also have found it useful to repeat certain midi data at other points in the score where I will often go back to start playback.

    I think sibelius chases some midi data but not others. It certainly doesn't chase the last keyswitch which it would be really useful to do.

  • Thanks Andi and Dave,

    Yes, including the MIDI data to reset every VI to it's default settings works fine.

    Because Sibelius allows to have more than one score open at the time, I created a new score, that includes the staves for every VI instrument, 1 bar only, with all the MIDI data in it. I included a "snare drum" note at the end of the bar to give me a audio signal that VI has returned to default.

    So, now I just have that score open all the time and switch to that score, press playback to get VI in default mode. Without having to put the playback cursor of the score I'm working on to the beginning, after playback put the cursor where I really wanted to start, etc. . Just keep it where it was last time I pressed playback.

    With a script that automates this window switching, life of this Sibelius user would be as easy as possible ... ;-)

    Thanks for the help again.



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