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  • Attempt to simulate depth with VSL Converb and Forti

    Dear forum members,

    This is the first time I actually put up some music, where pan, mix and a humble attempt to simulate depth are to be commented.

    My quest for orchestral simulation goes on, and it seems like I'll never be satisfied - so please lend me Your ears!

    Levels, EQ and so forth can easily be adjusted more. This was not ment to be a musical piece, just some lines to try out diff. settings to aquire depth, but then - music happened - I'm sure You have tried that ;-) 

    I have created a simple site - - please use the link "VSL Communiy" to find the Mp3.

    I'm very happy with VE Pro and my Mac Pro stuffed with ram: finally I am close to have most of my articulations at my fingertips.I have established a great workflow, using programchanges to control articulations in Logic 9. I've made my own environment, where the eventlist grant me access to control my library as well as showing the actually articulations in use. I will gladly share this more, if anyone is interested.

    Best wishes to everyone here!

  • One more go: Please lend me Your ears?

    All the best!