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  • VE Pro - Pro Tools 8 - Windows PC!

    Hi all,

    I want to run VE Pro (RTAS) as a plugin on my Pro Tools 8 system on a PC running Windows XP (32). All my VSL samples are on another PC - sever - running Windows 7 (64). Where can I find the RTAS dll so I can connect Pro Tools (PC) to the VE Pro server (PC)?

    Many thanks


  • The RTAS version for Windows is installed with the latest public beta (4.0.4834).

  • Thanks Karel.

    However, I cannot find any RTAS version of VE Pro (version 4686) in any search or Pro Tools plugin files: nowhere! Is there somewhere special it is placed for ProTools? It does not appear in the instrument plugins list within Pro Tools application (Version 8.0.3).

    However, other plugins like Omnisphere and PLAY do show and work.

    When I launched VE Pro version 4686, it only offered me where I wanted to place the VST dll. No mention of RTAS.



  • @Leif

    you have to try the Public Beta version 4834 and not 4686 !

    Again, 4834 contains RTAS Plugins, 4686 not.


  • Is there a 4.0.4834 beta for just plain old VE or does it have to be Pro? Just bought and downloaded Woodwinds SE last night (actually thought I was buying the PLUS which is what I needed, but bought the other version instead. Trying to get someone to help me with that too!) and I never even considered the fact that I wouldn't be able to use VSL on PT's 8 - Win 7. figured VSL is the best there is, this would be a foregone conclusion. Alas, tis not! So if I have only spent $400 to this point to buy this one library (basically just really needed a reed trill option) is there a RTAS beta I can try? Thanks, Ken

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    Hello Ken,

    currently, only VE PRO supports RTAS on Windows, and it could be that this feature will not make it in the "normal" Vienna Ensemble in the near future.

    I´d give the free demo license of VE PRO a try!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL