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  • Vienna Instrument and PLAY - bad combination

    Greetings, I've got a problem with PLAY, used together with Vienna Instrument in Cubase 5.1.1 x64/Win 7. If an instance of VI is loaded and no previous instances of PLAY is, upon loading PLAY, the interface in PLAY is unclickable. If PLAY is loaded before any instance of VI, PLAY works fine, at least most of the time. While I do think that the culprit here is PLAY, and I've contacted the support at Soundsonline, I was wondering if anyone else has the same experience? Any other solutions than to load PLAY before any instances of VI? As many of my projects have 20+ instances of VI loaded, I rather not go through all the hazzle of unloading every instance of VI, loading PLAY, reloading VI and reconnecting every MIDI-channel to the proper VI-instance.

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    are you using the latest version of VE PRO? It´s always great to include this information, so that we know how to reproduce the situation.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi, I am not an owner of VE PRO. :) The bug described above will not manifest if I load my VSL-instruments through Vienna Ensemble though. Best regards Niklas

  • Hello there... I seem to have experienced equal problems and with me PLAY is unloadable in my VE Pro (ver. 4.0.4416), too. Either VE crashes or the PLAY Interface is showing faders and knobs only and nothing is working.... (latest PLAY version btw.)

  • Hello Oliva,

    unfortunately PLAY is not supported by VE PRO.... I have mentioned that above....



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL