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  • MIR - Windows 7 64bit and RAM

    With MIR open and the default project my RAM stands at 24%. With no programmes running my RAM stands at 14% to 20%.

    I have 12 GBs.

    Does that sound about right? - are there any settings in W7 I can safely tweak to give me more RAM.

    I'm running projects where RAM usage gets up to 75% and am starting to experience problems. I've only recently built this machine and I don't want to upgrade to 4GB memory sticks for some time yet.

  • open computer management and navigate to services .... sort them by startup type too look at the automatic type.

    DHCP might be not needed (in case of static IPs), windows search, network location awareness, network store interface service, distributed link tracking client,, task scheduler, maybe even some more (set services to manual in a first run and stop them if not sure some app needs them) ... we have superfetch disabled here, but i'm not sure now if this has been active before ...


    after several starts your memory footprint after booting should drop  - here it is below 1 GB


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @DaveTubaKing said:

    With MIR open and the default project my RAM stands at 24%. [...] I have 12 GBs. [...]

    Hi Dave - I use a similar system for development (12 GB, but under Vista instead of W7) and have around 2.9 GB of used RAM once MIR has loaded its default room.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library