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  • Template opens VEPs and loads samples on Slave?

    I'm doing something wrong.

    I start VEPRO servers on a DAW and a Slave. Then I launch Logic and open my template. The VEPRO's on the DAW connect nicely.

    But on the slave, duplicate vframes load into the slave's vepro server. So instead of 6 instances, I now have 12 and it's the latter 6 of them that say "connected."

    What's desirable here is simply to load the VEPRO's and have the template not loading samples, right? So crashes or project changes don't necessitate sample loading times. Right?

  • You basically haven't Preserved and saved in the right order. If you give explicit details of how you saved your Logic session, it will become clear to us where you made the error.


  • I would really like to know what the accepted wisdom here is on "preserving and saving in the right order".