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  • VE Pro: Metaframe crashes


    Since the latest build (4834), the VE Pro server crashes shortly after having booted when I open it up with a saved metaframe. I tried re-opening my host (Logic) and save the metaframe again, but it still crashes. Any ideas? I am on Mac, OS 10.5.8.

    EDIT: OK it seems that VEP has somewhere along the creation of the template screwed up one if its instances which results in this crash. The instance just looks empty, and all the stuff I had setup in it is gone (and it is making the meta crash it seems). Not good. I probably have an older version of the Logic template so I can go back and save that instance and hopefully restore it to the new template, but this shouldn't happen. I know we are in beta but still. I hope  you'll look into this:)


  • Hi Simon, when you experience such crash, could you perhaps attach the crash report to your forum post? This way we have a better view of what could cause this. Thanks.

  • Hi Karel.

    Yes, sorry, I forgot to grab the log for this and now I went in and repaired it so I can't make it crash now:) I'll remember to grab the log if it happens again.