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  • Ensemble Pro Conecting Time

    Hi Vienna,

    my Ensemble Pro PC-Server runs pretty smooth so far.

    My colleague and I have the same system and setup. (One Mac + 1PC Slave (16GB))

    But conecting a the same logic song with preserved Ensemble Pro take 3times as long 45(sec) than on the other system (15sec)

    I know network can be pretty complex. 

    But: are there from your experience any settings on PC or Mac that I may have overlooked?

    Cheers from Hamburg


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    a few things to compare beforehand:

    - master slave model difference, especially memory speed, memory controller, network interface, host software version, slave OS version

    - network connection (especially switch model), how many networks on master/slave, WLAN involved, method of IP assigning, network devices sending massive multicast or broadcast messages

    - even more special: possible IRQ sharing on slave (especially network + audio), basic check with DPC latency checker


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.