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  • Vienna Ensemble

    I have Sonar 8.5.  When I create an insrument in Vienna instruments, I use output HW1,2... If i want to use a seperate output, I'll choose HW3,4... In Sonar 8.5, when I create two seperate audio outputs, Vienna Ensemble OUT 1,2  is fine, and crashes when i choose any other output, i.e. Vienna Ensemble OUT 3,4.  Can someone advise what the cause is?


  • I have the same software. All is well here.

    Try selecting "All Synth Outputs: Stereo" in the Sonar dialog box when you insert VE. That way Sonar will load audio tracks assigned to each of the output in VE, then you can assign outputs in VE on a per instrument basis.

    Works for me.


  • BTW, I tried both ways. Your way and my way and they both work fine.


  • DM33... hmmm, thanks for the info.  Im glad it is working for you, because that means it is def something Im doing.  IF i need to, do you know how to cleanly reinstall Sonar 8.5, with the Sonar 8 discs and the 8.5 patch?  Should I just start from the beginning, and uninstall everything Sonar, and reinstall it?  Or is there another way?

  • DM33, you wont believe this, but when conducted your suggestion, i got a fatal error dump........... ever had that?

  • I've never had that problem.

    What is your system configuration?

    Does it only happen with VE?

    What about when you insert VI without VE?

    Do you have the latest versions of all the software, including

    drivers for your audio interface?