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  • VE PRo 64 Bit - works on G5 Quad but forgets....


    I believe VE Pro 64 bit is not officially supported on a PPC Mac.


    It can load sounds and function ok. But when you re-load a project, or a metaframe, or do so via a connected sequencer project (on remote master machine) it loads empty. Re-loading sounds is super quick, implying that the samples are still in 64 bit memory.

    It seems so tantalisingly close to working - and therefore making use of the 10GB Ram I have in a still perfectly useful Quad G5 mac.

    I was wondering if this is a know problem? And if VSL might consider correcting this?


  • Could you try this with the latest public beta? It might fix this issue you're having.

  • I would be very tempted to. A little worried about a Beta whilst in the middle of a professional project.

    Perhaps you could advise - if I update to the Beta (I am currently on 4686) would I be advised to do this across all machines? I run a main host/sequencer, which also runs VEPro 32 and VEPro 64 as  a local servers, the aformentioned G5 Quad, currently playing safe with 32bit VEPRO, and finally another slave, a MacPro running VEPro 64 only.

    Generally I only load Vienna Instruments. Have started playing carefully with loading VST's on the local 32 bit server (The Grand 3 (Steinberg) which works. Also Electric Piano 1.5 of native Instruments. )

    Would going to the new beta screw any of those? If not, I would definitely be happy to give it a try. Otherwise I can't risk it. Or if there was a definite assurance that I could back-track to 4686.

    Many thanks, and it's great to hear we may (possibly) be able to host at 64bit on a PPC. I could finally stop bringing up multiple VE Standalones through a rather large bank of MOTU 2408's! Wordclock nightmares etc etc....

    That Quad is on Mac 10.5.8 BTW.

    Many thanks.

    Ben Bartlett.

    Weapon of choice - Nuendo 4.

  • If you're in the middle of a project it might be best to wait a bit. A stable update release shouldn't be far off now.

  • Sound sensible. I'll wait.


    Ben Bartlett