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  • Windows 7 and VE?

    Hello. I just wanted to quickly get as many opinions/facts as possible regarding VSL/VE and Windows 7. I'm reluctant to move from XP, and about 75% of the reason is I'm concerned about how well VSl/Vienna Ensemble will work...and even then, it's mostly down to RAM concerns. I'm assuming the OS itself takes up more RAM by itself than XP (referring in both cases to x64), and because I'm fairly close to using all of my available RAM with my orchestral template, I'm worried if I go to Windows 7, I simply won't be able to load everything..or if I can, there'll be almost no resources remaining. (also FYI, aside from spending $1-2000 on newer 4GB DIMMs, my RAM is essentially maxed out at 12gb for the time being)
    Could anyone please relate to me their experiences with RAM usage, VE and Windows 7? Is there absolutely nothing to worry about, or does the OS leave slightly less RAM for VE..much less..etc? Thanks so much for any help. -Dan

  • dan, VI/VE/VS works nicely on W7

    an untweaked W7 64bit sytem here (core2quad, 8 GB RAM) is launching with ~800 MB, a respective XP 64 would launch with ~500 MB i suppose. a quick look into the services shows many things which could be disabled (search indexer, defender, ect).

    after installing W7 the initially used memory is higher, but that drops with the number of starts (prefetch learns what is really used and what not)

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I also wonder if Windows 7 is better for VE than Windows Vista.  I disabled all the unnecessary startup programs in Vista and it works o.k. with 6 GB of RAM on a 64 bit quad machine though on very large ensembles there were some problems.  If I get another 2 GB of RAM would Windows 7 improve this performance or is it not worth bothering about?

  • my experience is that everything is faster, smoother, easier under W7 than under VISTA - especially audio and network performance is noticably better


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •  Thanks, Christian for that info.