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  • Anyone selling their Gofriller Cello (Garritan)?


    I'm looking to buy (license transfer) the Gofriller Cello Virtual Instrument made by the Garritan sofware company.  Anybody interested in selling theirs?  Perhaps someone out there is now using the latest VSL solo strings stuff, and their Garritan cello is now collecting dust? 

    I've been waiting a year for Garritan to release the Orchestra Strings 2, which was supposed to have all five solo instruments (v1,v2,vla,cel,db) done up in similar fashion to the Garritan Strad and Cello, but it looks like the OS2 project has been put on a back burner or has been abandoned.  Any knowlege on what's happening?  

    Sorry for posting Garritan related stuff on here, but the Garritan forums have less traffic than the vsl forums.  I am a vsl user -- i don't actually own any Garritan products, but am hoping to get the cello!


    andrew fez

  • the developers of the gofriller cello now run

    They say they plan strings but only have (very good!) brass instruments so far.

  • That's interesting - i'll go check out their site.  Thanks for the info! 

    It would be sweet if they would purchase the rights to the Strad and Gofriller software code and continue where they left off at Garritan. 


    A Fez

  • Oh, i see my LA phone numbert is showing up in my signature.  I'm actually not a home right now (on vacation), so email is the best way to contact me! 

  • i think they do own the rights to the code, but they've made big improvements on it while developing their saxophone, so when they *do* have a new cello ready I'm sure it will be even better than the garritan gofriller.

  • Oh, that's promising!  I tried emailing them from their website, but haven't got a response yet.  Hopefully their too busy making solo string instruments to deal with email....

    A Fez