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  • [SOLVED] Superior 2 (mac) + VE Pro (win) issues

    1) So I was going to try and get my Mac Pro in on the action along with my winxp servers. Decided to partition the mac to drum duties and run Superior 2. Pretty much had to abandon the effort. On all builds I tried there were very odd gui issues with the plugin. A lot of the text labels were invinsible. Some of the text would show up if you click in an editable field like a mixer scribble strip but would disappear again. Also it was hard to change drums with the arrow drop down on some drums, particularly the kick drum. You would have to keep clicking and clicking and maybe eventually the menu would pull down. Switching to the Classic View didn't have the same problems. I would really love VST to be support on the mac within Ve Pro, since it's universal between both platforms. Would be nice to easley move a instance on the mac to the pc and vice versa. Right now the Audiounits prevent that from happening. 2) As far as my issues with VE Pro on WinXP maybe I could get clarification. So from my understanding VE Pro offers total recall in the host? I use Nuendo 4.2. I don't use the decouple feature and just like to load up the servers on the fly when opening each project. It works fine when opening new projects but I am having problems when reverting a project or opening a project when one is already open. For example, I am working on a song trying different sounds out in Superior 2 on the winxp server. I decided I need to revert. When it reverts the instruments that are saved with the project are not loaded and the ones that were open when I reverted are still loaded. Basically it's not closing out the VE Pro instance on the server and just reconnecting and not loading the correct saved samples. Pretty much if I want to be sure a song opens with total recall I have to completely close Nuendo and reopen, and make sure Ve Pro on the server resets. This has bit me in the ass a couple times already and was wondering why a project didn't sound the way it was supposed to, as it didn't load in the right sounds. Hope that makes sense.

  • In relation to reverting: When you connect to a preserved instance with the same name (say when loading a previous Nuendo project), a new button will appear in the VE Pro instance on the slave, which allows you to load the project data (or discard it).

    I will test to see what is wrong with Superior 2.

  • I've just tried Superior Drummer 2.1.1 in VE Pro 4.0.4834 (latest public beta) on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and it seems to function as intended. What version of VE Pro are you using?

  •  Why not just click re-load Data?


  • Yup I had tried the latest beta last night and Superior is working great! thanks The issue with the dropdown menu to change sounds on the kick drum is still there though. No real biggie though. What button shows up when reverting? What's it called? thanks

  • okay, now it's messed up again. Was working for awhile but somewhere along the lines it got messed up again. First I noticed all the meters were "stuck" or showing no activity. Then I was changing drum sounds and Ve Pro crashed. Restarted it and reconnected. Now all text and meters were gone, same as described in my original post. I hadn't saved in Nuendo since before the crash. I decided then to quit Nuendo and VE Pro and start from scratch loading the song. When VE Pro loaded Superior 2 on the mac everything was still the same, screwed up gui. Sigh. Now I am going to have to reconnect it back to pc server again which is a pita since the AU doesn't translate over to VST and then have to make all the input connections all over. If you are just loading up Superior in VE Pro on the mac (with Nuendo WinXP as the host) and just testing right then you probably won't see this. You have to work with the session for a little while and maybe revisit the session after closing. I am thinking somehow the AU's are confusing the host system which expects VST and when it saves the parameters they can get corrupted evnetually. Please look into this as I would love to get this fixed.

  • Are you connecting to the mac from a Win based host?

  • UPDATE: So I rebooted the mac and the pc host machine. When reloading the same project everything loads up correctly again. Weird.