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  • The Imperial March

    Heya all,

    I wanted work on improve the realism of my orchestration and chosen a clasic than all know. What i did is far from to be perfect but its a 1st step on what i want can make. I used the special edition (Standard/extended) with vienna suite. For it i used Piccolo/flute1/flutes2/flutes enssemble/oboe frenchx2/clarinet Bb/horns a4x2/trumpet Cx3/trumpets a3/tenor trombonex2/trombones enssemble/bass trombone/tuba/timpani/bass drum/snare/platti/triangle/harp/chamber violinsx2/violas/cellos/basses/orchestral violinsx2/violas/cellos/basses. I separted all instrument in 4 depth Strings/wodd1/wodd2/brass-keyboard/percussion.

    I will pass the detail about EQ/powerpan/comp/lim but on my master i have master EQ/ multiband/limitor.

    Now i welcome everyone to give me their feedback on what is good/bad, what should i improve and how.

    I know with some more articulation would be better also the diferent EQ could be improved for give a better color to the instruments, i tried with the trumpets and trombones but i couldn't get what i was listening from the original music.

    I hope many will come on my thread and maybe with all your help i might reach my goal to make sound it as realist as the original version we all know!

    Here the link for listen it

    PS: i know there is 2/3 passage where not all notes are played idk yet why but i will have to fix it :X

    Thanks to all by advance Gilles

  • Not bad! I can't really give advice, cause I'm listening throug my laptop speakers right now. It sounds way to boomy to me. Some timpani or snare low end (...) needs to be reduced drastically and I would like to here much more of the (mostly uppertones) string attacks, that give this tune the punchy attacks.

    But with a little tweaking it might become really good ...



  • Heya,

    Thanks for your feedback ^.^ yes i had hard time with my timpani lol idk why i couldn't make it sound like i want. I wanted wait to have some feedback for work on it and make my hears rest a bit out of the march :X

    I will check what you said me and come back soon with a new try.


  • Heya,

    Here the new version! I have try to follow the last feedback and i think it sound not bad. If some think it sound good like that i will continue the music to the end.

    Thanks by advance and enjoy ^.^


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