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  • New PC CPU and memory for VE Pro/Nuendo/MIR

    So it's that time of year. I am starting to think about a new PC. Although it is really to run Nuendo and VE Pro, I may also want to run MIR and Nuendo together at some point; So the two questions that I would answered are:

    1. How much difference does the processor speed make to running MIR? As I'm getting another dual quad, will 2x2.8GHz be noticeably slower than 2x3Ghz, for example?
    2. I know that sample streaming improves with faster memory. Unfortunately 24GB is not enough for my template, so how crucial will the downgrade from 1333 to 1066 be for running MIR?

    Any first hand experiences gratefully received.


  • Nobody? [:(]


  • I was waiting for CM to chime in ... [*-)]

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    @Dietz said:

    I was waiting for CM to chime in ... 

    Well if he doesn't, he'll get a hard time from me when I "pop" over to see you guys in a couple of weeks. [:@]


  • performance (number of voices, number of instruments, lowness of latency) is almost linear to CPU frequency, 1333 vs. 1066 is almost not noticable as long as you have stereo, but it counts for 5.0, 5.1 or more.

    this are somehow preliminary figures since we have some tests with really huge setups on our schedule ... means memory speed could also become an issue with an increasing number of tracks.

    of course you can always increase latency, but i don't know if that would be an option for you ....


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • DG,

    Here are a couple of links with estimated voices for various cpus:



    I know it was not what you asked, but perhaps it can be of some use to you anyway.

    Best regards,


  •  Thanks guys. It's nice to get some attention from time to time. [:$]