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  • Two Questions about MIR

    Hi, firstly, can I load 3rd party instruments , like Kontakt 4, Hosted within VE Pro, into MIR. secondly can I load 3rd party Ir,s in wav format into mir. Many thanks, Steve Keeler

  • Welcome Steve,

    thanks for your interest in Vienna MIR.

    ad 1:  Yes, MIR allows for hosting 3rd party VSTi's, as long as they are 64-bit compatible. 32-bit wrappers will work most of the time, too, but aren't supported officially.

    ad 2: In a way, yes: Just add a stereo-convolver like Vienna Suite's Convolution Reverb as a plugin to an instrument's signal. - You can't use conventional stereo IRs in MIR's engine directly, of course. That would be like using wooden wheels on an Airbus 300 8-)


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