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  • Requesting downloadable Timpani "library"

    Hello. My impression is that these types of posts are often glossed over, as I'm sure the VSL team has their own plans for, well..everything. I wanted to throw in a request, however, for a downloadable Timpani library. My problem--as with others that I've read in Searched posts here--is the "hardness" of the VI SE Timpani sounds. Overall, I love the instrument and have pretty good luck with it, but I regularly find myself wanting the option of softer mallets and variations of the sound. I've scoured the Products section, and my understanding is that buying the Percussion *Full* DVD Library (including Extended) is literally the only way to obtain these sounds...not any of the SE Extended/Plus libraries, nor even the Standard Percussion DVDs seem to expand the Timpani at all; even with my discount, that's over $1220, which sadly may never happen for me. For the Timpani, I'd do just about anything for VSL to make available a downloadable add-on with at least *some* of the content (especially softer mallets) from the full Percussion library; if nothing else, I think it'd make a great preview of the Full Library, just as the Extended Strings download is (a lifesaver, btw!). Thanks so much for your consideration. -Dan