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  • Showing new CHOIR library (even in Beta) at NAMM?

    What say ye?


  • I say yay!

  •  Nothing mentioned in the Live Presentations section. Also waiting for VI version 3. I believe Herb mentioned something in an interview, a couple months back. Who knows...  maybe its a surprise!

  • ...and if so are they showing anything new.  choirs? hint hint?

  • No, they did not have the choirs there. No live demo or recorded demo. They were mentioned in the catalog, though. 

  • That's too bad. Not even ready for a 'controlled' demo or at least preview 'recording'?   I think this release is NOT soon.  :(

    Anything at the VSL booth besides VEPro or MIR?

  • Maybe they had to do some more recording, to match my sample guess...?


  • VSL - any update on this?  I think the last public announcement was qtr1 (changes from the original 'holidays' release - previous announcment.)  The competition is running a sale on their choirs and I didn't really want to make the plunge into that if yours was soon to be released.

    Thanks for any update you can gvie me.


  • same here

  • Dear community,  

    thank's for all your interest in our upcoming choir product. And sorry that we are little late with our release schedule.

    We've finished recording in fall, and there was no need of any rerecordings, just the editing took more time than expected.

    But we are pretty close. Hopefully I can finish the final mapping in approximate 3 weeks, and I try to give you some audiodemos also at this timeframe.

    We've also decided not to prepare a preview version for NAMM, because this would have caused another delay of 1-2 weeks to finish the final product.



  • Thanks Herb for that fine info. Also please could you shed some light, or maybe tell us when should we expect the 3rd version of the VI player. You mentioned this in an interview, at time-space, I believe. thanks

  • Thanks Herb - exactly the info I was looking for.  I'll make VOTA work until your demos.  Looking forward to it.


  • Great news!

    I take it the "old" soprano choir is not a part of the final library then?

    Yet i seem to remember that the newsletter from VSl mentions a discount?

  • I saw some info in a catalog at the show, but I didn't take one and that info is not on the website. I believe that the catalog said that it will be sold as sections: sopranos, altos, tenors, basses. If that info is on the site then could someone link to it? I couldn't find it.