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  • Changed network card now VE Pro can't find server

    I recently changed my networkl card (and ip adress) and now when I load old projects (Cubase 5.11), VE Pro can't find the server. Is there a trick?

  • Just reconnect the connector plugins to new or existing preserved instances, the project data will load automatically (or manually if you connect to an existing preserved instance, by pressing the load plugin data button that appears).

  • I've tried that but Cubase just can't find AnY instance. Also, if I open a project that has VE Pro "connected" and I disconnect, I can't connect again (VE Pro doesn't see ANY servers). I may not be making myself clear, VE Pro within Cubase can't find any "slaves'.

  • you mention: IP address changed (on the slave probably) - have you double checked it still resides in a proper range, means basic network functions are working (ping, shares, ect)?

    if yes maybe your firewall settings (on the slave) changed with/for the new network interface.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I can access files between computers no problem and I don't use a firewall on either computer.

  • OK, I'm getting frustrated. My network works fine for everything EXCEPT Ve pro. when i load it into Cubase 5.11 and press connect, I can't see any slaves. is there a way i can tell Ve Pro which iP address to look for? Btw I'm on the latest beta

  • assuming now you're on a PC running windows ...

    on the slave select START - RUN, type in cmd [ENTER], a command prompt will appear

    into the prompt type: ipconfig /all [ENTER] to see alist of your network interfaces and currently assigned IP addresses.


    given your slaves are not too strictly firewalled and allow ICMP response now open a command prompt on your master

    type in: ping IP-address of slave, eg. [ENTER] and see if answers are returned.

    if not either the firewall on the slave needs adjustment or you should double check IP range for all involved computers.


    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • cm: Thanks for the reply but my network is fine as i stated before. If I open a Cubase template with VE Pro (vst3) in it, it usually opens connected but if I dissconect and try to reconnect, I don't see anything in the "avalable slaves" section. I've created a semi workaround by creating a Cubase preset using a connected instance, then if I can't see any slaves, I call up the Cubase preset and this will connect to the slave for me (although it doesn't always work and if I try to disconnect again, I still don't see any slaves).

  • sorry, but without details we cannot even try to reproduce your issue ... what exactly is fine in your network?

    - does the ping work, how is your cabeling, which operating system(s) are we talking about?

    - changed network cards: which, how many, where, specific IP adresses, gateways, dns entries?


    please consider writing to VSL Support with a structured description of everything, maybe adding screenshots, to get the picture


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.