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  • [SOLVED] No Mono Channels in VEPro?

    You're probably going to start getting posts from people like me who only have a small interest in using Vienna Instruments but who have seen the potential of VEPro as a plugin host. I am using VEP as a slave on a Mac Pro 8 core and streaming the output to my ProTools HD Accel Rig which is inside my now ageing G5 Dual 2.7. I want to load it up VE Pro with samples and VI's. It's working very well apart from the odd audio drop outs which I have notified your Tech help about. My issue today is with VEP not having mono inputs. I'm not sure how to get around this. For example let's take Addictive Drums and try to use multiple outputs so I can do some plug processing on each drum. This is very easy is PTools. All Addictive outputs are available. Mono inputs for Kick, Snare, Hats, Xtra, Tome 1, Tom 2, Tom 3. Tom4. Stereo outputs for Room, Overheads, Bus. Simple. Not so in VEP. Check this out. Assign Kick to Addictive 2 in VEP (no Choice for Mono and no choice for output 1)= Kick drum plays on Channel Strip 1 Left AND 3 Left (that's right 3 is a different Channel strip!) Assign Snare to Addictive 3 in VEP= Snare drum plays on Channel Strip 2 Right AND 3 Left. Once again the instrument appears on 2 channel strips making it impossible to do any processing. This is the same for all Addictive outputs. They end up on 2 Channel Strips. Except stereo outs (Room and Overheads) which are correct. Why is the assignment like this? Is it XLN fault? (works fine in PT and Logic) Why does nothing appear on output 9 and skip to 10? I'm using the latest Beta. I'm hoping I've made a simple newby mistake!! Thanks for any insight.

  • Hello Phil,

    I have already answered your mail to support, but here´s the answer again, for everyone who is interested:

    Addictive Drums is a special case here.
    This is the feedback from our developers:

    "This is just Addictive Drums which has some stereo outputs and some mono outputs. VE Pro just maps these linearly (so 2 mono outputs end up as a single stereo output). It's already noted as future addition but requires some nasty buffer administration in the AU hosting, and since Addictive Drums is the only AU that has issues with this, it's low priority."



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the quick reply. With some experimenting I was able to get all the required outputs to show up individually in PTools.