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  • Kontant4 player in VE pro?

    Hi, i've a tech question for all mac users: I have a mac pro 8Core with two 2.26GHz Quad-Core processors, 12gb ram. I have a template in Logic 8 with Vienna Ensemble Pro, 64bit server (running VSL special ed, VSL special ed+ and some download instruments) , and Kontakt 4 player running Symphobia. Wich is the best solution for Kontakt player? 1- Use simply multi-timbral instances of kontakt or 2- Use Kontakt loaded inside Vienna Ensemble pro (only 32 bit version is possible) From the performance point of view, there are differences between the 2 setups? or not? Or there is maybe a 3rd option to be considered? i don't know, but now i'm building my template with multi-timbral instances of kontakt (1st option) and everything seems to be fine. Thank you and ciao!