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  • Ensemble Pro audio keeps dropping out

    Hi I'm using the latest release of VEP (not the beta) build 4686 and I have it running on a slave Mac Pro 3.2 - 8 core. It's the only app running on that machine. I'm running 32bit instance with 8 threads selected and no external midi. Everything is running well and I have about 6 AU plugs and NO Vienna Instruments running. The load on my computers cores never goes above 12% on any core. I'm using PTools HD on another G5 and the plug buffer is set to 2. My PT hardware buffer is set to 1075 but this seems to make no difference to the problem. The audio from VEP will drop out at least once every minute. The whole audio stream....not just one instrument.....drops out for about 1 second and then comes back. This of course makes it impossible to mix anything. Is there a setting I have overlooked? Both computers are under no stress at all. I am running Stylus RMX/Omnisphere/Kontakt Player4/BPM(by MOTU)/another Kontakt 4 player/ iDrum by iZotope/ Perhaps one of the plugs is not compatible? Thank you.

  • OK I've done some more experimenting. I removed all the plugs except Kontakt and RMX. So there are only 2 plugs and no other instruments in this instance. The problem still happens. When I watch the meters in VEP I can see them jam in one position when the sound stops so it looks like it's at the VEP end and not the Protools end. Hope this helps. Specs are. Slave(with VEP) Mac Pro 3.2 8 core. Snow Leopard 10.6.2 ProTools Rig. G5 Dual 2.7 running OSX 10.5.8. ProTools 8.01cs1