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    i've already been able to register the software for the standard library and the USB - but how do i get the certificate to hve the license for extended library? thanks!

  • At last something I know and can help with:

    You have to buy that code. Visit the product page to see the price for the extended library and the content of the extended library.

  • when i buy Vienna Special Edition, does it mean it does not contain Extended library? i bought the box which has 5 DVDs, 1 of which is the installer disk and 4 Library Disk... in each disk, are indicated instrument sections and below it are the lines STANDARD LIBRARY EXTENDED LIBRARY does it mean this box contains both the Standard and extended? thanks! another Q: does this work with Sibelius 6? i can't find a soundset for Sibelius 6... does the Sibelius 5.2 and 'UP' work? thanks so much.

  • When you purchase a standard library and load it into your computer you are actually loading both the standard library and the extended libraries.  They can't send you separate libraries on separate DVD packages.  It has something to do with the architecture of how the samples are compressed or something like that maybe VSL can elaborate on that.  Anyway, if you just purchased the standard library then you were given the code to unlock just the standard library.  If you want the extended library, you have to purchase the code to "unlock" it.


    The nice thing about this is that when you decide to purchase an extended library you don't have to load up more DVD's into your hard drive you just use the code to unlock the extended library