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  • RUMORS out there about a new VSL string library...

    RUMORS out there about a new VSL string library...

    Is it true? I sure hope so ;-)


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    @svonkampen said:

    RUMORS out there about a new VSL string library...

    Is it true? I sure hope so 😉



    Out where?


  • I've seen that, too....

    Hope it's true, I've held out on the newer string libraries on the market now, hoping that VSL will follow suit....

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    @nine9tonerow said:

     I've held out on the newer string libraries on the market now, hoping that VSL will follow suit....


    Is there something wrong with the current string collections that VSL offers? 

    Although eventually I guess they'll have to record some new material but having auditioned the competition, VSL can put "record new string libraries" way down on the bottom of the 'to do' list.  WAAAAYYY on the bottom.  I think I speak for a lot of other users out there when I say that I'm quite content with the string libraries I already have.  However, if VSL has something in the works, all the better.  

  • something about a thomas newman styled library......probably bogus.....if it's true, I hope the tone will be same as apass, but divisi sizes. 


  • Apassionatas have GREAT tone.....if a divisi library were released with same mic techniques, that would be great...However the tone of the original sustains is considered not so good by most.


  • APASS 1 & 2 DIVISI

    please, please!!


  • I just had SUCH good luck with VSL Chamber Strings (and still do, incidentally) that I would wait to see if VSL would do anything. I'm also pretty hooked on the Vienna player/VE Pro, maybe I'm just stubborn! :)

    Fortunately, though, none of my current projects need string sounds, predominantly. But, if something comes soon, I may need to invest elsewhere. 

    Also, I don't have Appasionata....I held off because I just couldn't get excited about the demos, and there were no legato samples in the download editions. (This is not a harp on VSL, btw, that's just why I haven't invested in those yet.....and the divisi you mentioned, I just don't feel the Chamber could match sufficiently with the App's). 

  • no way man......chamber sounds like chamber....does not sound anything like apass divisi would's a hack that just doesn't work well....(BTW Happy new year ;-)


  • I'm glad to hear you say that, actually, that's what I've heard. The Chamber have an obviously different presence in the mix. Do you think, by the way, that I would get a good taste of the App Strings by just getting the download upgrade (sus & stac patches only?)

    And a happy new year to you, thanks! :)

  • you want the apass legatos they are great.


  • No, unfortunately...that's why I put my credit card back in my wallet that day, still disappointed about that.

  • Come to think of it, I had heard of an Adagio Strings library in the works but that was a long time ago.  In the end, I guess there just wasn't enough interest to justify the work.  Divisi samples with AS?  Well, we all have a wish list.  Personally, I'd like to see a boys choir in the not to distant future, but I don't want to start any more rumours[:)]

  • Dear all!

    I really liked reading through this thread with various wishlists:
    P.S.: Unfortunately I need to master my SE first

  • Although I am a BIG fan of VEPRO - it seems to have drawn a lot of VSL's sampling resourses away into software development/fixes, etc.  I am sure they are now in the final stages of the choir library.  I'd welcome an AP divisi library but frankly see that 12 months+ out there - if at all.

    Tough time for sampling companies as we are in the 'mature' cycle of this industry - where there is a plethora of viable competition.   While this is great for the consumer - it weighs heavily on which 'projects' sampling companies choose to develop - make a 'wrong' decision there and they might go the way of gigasampler.

  • I agree with that about getting drawn away from the raw sampling power of the actual instrument notes recorded.  That is what has been the great strength of VSL - having an almost insanely detailed, thorough and rigorous approach to the basic task at hand -reminiscent of Werner von Braun's approach in creating the Apollo program which is still the greatest single engineering accomplishment in human history (though the Hubble ST is close).  You can have all the beautiful, convenient interface design in the world but if the basic notes are not good who cares? 

    That is why it is a good idea to do more of these "alternate" samples like divisi, etc., mentioned on this thread.  The orchestra is so huge in its possibility that you could spend centuries sampling it and not exhaust it.  After all that is what composers have been doing for the last several hundred years.   Ultimately sampling is not a technical or engineering feat at all.  It is an artistic creation.

  •  Actually, I'd love to see VSL draw away from sampling for a while. [:)]I'd like to see them create a killer notation/sequencing DAW made for orchestral composition. Now that would be AWESOME! [<:o)]


  • Before the VSL team does anything new, I'd like to see some attention to existing issues, such as legato notes which don't sustain.

    See this thread:

    I am generally very supportive of VSL. They and Spectrasonics are my 2 top companies - eager to assist users, very responsive and always generous. However, my feeling is that more time could be spent on creating extra patches and setups for existing users. Instead of suggesting workarounds for the problem mentioned above, could we please have some VSL-designed solutions?

  • Hello musos,

    we have tried to loop the solo strings legatos, it simply didn´t sound good. Which is why we decided to keep it as it is in real life. You need to change the bow direction for the solo strings (= retrigger the note, best with a held sustain pedal).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    As always, I appreciate the fast reply.

    I still have a problem: 

    The Chamber String sections have sus_Vib patches where you hear the bow change, but they are looped.

    On the solo violin sus_Vib patch and others, you hear one bow change, but there is no loop. Surely you could loop the samples at the bow change to create sustained notes?

    The legato patches are set so that non-looped notes move in legato fashion to other non-looped notes. Isn't there's a way to set the patches so that held (destination) notes are also looped at bow changes?

    I have no doubt this would take lots of work and programming, but you guys ARE the best in the world, so why not go even better?  [;)]

    As a long-time user of VSL (since First Edition), I'd be willing to pay an upgrade fee if extra facility such as this was introduced. I'd obviously be even happier if this kind of functionality was included in a free update.

    Regards - Colin