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  • [SOLVED] Sixteen Instance Limit for VE Pro in Logic 8.0

    A seventeenth instance in the VE Pro 64-bit server does not appear when I try to assign a VE Pro instance in a Logic channel strip. I had thought that the limit (previously 8 instances ) had been lifted to 32. 

    I know how to accommodate more channels in sixteen instances, so please refrain from the "why in the world would you want more than...." response. I'm just asking where the real-world limit is, sixteen, thirty-two, or variable.

    Mac eight-core, latest OS, 18 GB total RAM, currently using 8 GB in VE Pro server.  4.0, 4686. 


  • Dear plowman,

    currently the AU protocol only allows for 1 Port (16 channels) of MIDI. It's not something VSL has any control over. Until Apple updates the protocol, we will be limited to only being able to access 1 port of MIDI per VEPro instance.


    I hope that explains it!

    Kind regards,


  • Hi again,

    obviously I misunderstood your´re talking of instances. :-)

    Opening a 17th instance of VE Pro should work fine depending on your RAM and CPU resources, there´s no limitation. What does your activity monitor say? Do you get any error messages?



  • Happy New Year, Maya. Keep cranking out this incredible software. 

    Instances indeed. Here's the deal (evolved since my last post). Yesterday VE Pro was behaving exactly as a previous version, stopping now sixteen instances instead of eight. 

    That behavior included the ability to create an instance in the Server window, but to be unable to connect to it in Logic. Also, if one pre-existing instance was disconnected, then the new instance would apear in the Connect window. Again, this is exactly as VE Pro behaved before with the eight instance limit.

    Well, today, I launched a metaframe that I had created outside of Logic with sixteen instances. Then I launched yesterday's Logic file. Now appearing in the VE Pro server window are twenty-two instances. The new instances created in the Server window yesterday are obviously not yet connected to the Logic file. 

    So we'll see what happens today as I connect these various new and pre-existing instances to Logic. 

    But I know that I faced a ceiling of some kind yesterday. We'll see how "connectable" these new instances are. I've still got 8 GB free, so that shouldn't be an issue. 

    "Now developing" as they say in news. I'll post later with today's discoveries. 

  • This problem should be fixed for the next release (maximum amount of connections was upped to 128).

  • Thanks Karel. Am I right that "next release" means the one after this current beta release? 

    128 instances will be welcomed, if only for clarity within Logic. Even if we can fit tens and tens of instruments within one instance, it's a step towards simplicity when articulations can get their own channel strip. 

    Well, today I have loaded, launched and reconnected twenty-two simultaneous instances within the VE Pro 64 server window. Many were created within Logic after the sixteen instance limit was reached. I have no idea what changed or what I did differently. Yesterday, once the limit was reached, the plug-in window offered no options, not even "New." Now "new" continues to be offered with each new plug-in instantiation. 

    So perhaps it was just a little buggy interaction. I had gone above sixteen instances before, several weeks ago.