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  • Polyphonic Legato

    Hi All!

    I reckognized that the legato patches are not working in polyphonic mode (e.g.: press 2 keys simultanously). From technical point of view I can understand this, but does this mean that I really need to split up the instruments completely to seperate tracks?
    I already have first and second violin track, but as soon i have legato divisis, do I really need to add more tracks?

    Somehow I think I have no other possibility (if i really want to use the legato patches), but I don't want to split up everything and find out later on that there was a better way in doing it.

    Best regards


  • Yes, you need to split them up. Polyphonic legato on one track doesn't really make much sense, as all controller information would apply to all melodic lines.


  • Thanks for the fast response!