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  • new piece


    This is a new piece I did using using VSl + MIR 1.1+Tonehammer percussion (about 8 of them).

    As most of the Tonehammer stuff is recorded wet which sounds great by itself, I tried to integrate them using just a bit of the "Grosser Saal".

  • Wow, sounds awesome! I love the Tonehammer stuff too; they're probably my 2nd favorite sampling company (VSL my first, of course [:)] ) My only slight criticism is that some of the reverb mix ratios on some instruments sound a tad off, in relation to each other.  Meaning, in a few places the percussion felt a bit "dry" compared to other orchestral instruments which  sat back kinda far in the reverb levels. But just a minor observation.,... sounds really good!


    (PS i got fourth place in Tonehammer's "Gnomehammer" Christmas contest.. heheh  [:P] )

  •  point taken!

    Here is my alternative mix:

  •  veetguitar,

    I like the composition very much. Well done!

    The mix itself also sounds great to my ears, although at this point I am pretty much overdosing on Tonehammer percussion.

    Everybody's using it these days, it seems [:)]

    But back to this tune - was it a lot of work to get MIR to "sound" like this?

    I like this piece very much, thanks for posting.

    Best regards,


  • Excellent! I was impressed with the spacing but then I saw you used MIR, this stuff really works! But I'm jealous now, I bought a Intel Xeon Mac 6 months ago, and can't afford a PC for MIR at the moment. [:(]

  •  @hbuus:

    yes and no: As I was not able to play all the voices through MIr with my 8gb Ram machine,  I decided to record  everything separately, meaning only one midi track at a time then the next, etc.....

    This might seem like a silly waste of time, but I decided that I wanted to be able to mix in every detail with my rendered stereo files.

    As far as using Mir is concerned, I did not do anything special. I applied the standard seating order, mixed 40% wet/60% dry.

    The wet tonehammer stuff got only 14% wet.

    There are many option for finetuning the sound which I did not use yet.

    As you can see from my description, it was a "blind flight".  Only in the end, I was able to hear really what I was doing. Hopefully this will change soon with ram prices going down quickly at the moment.

    But as a proof of concept for Mir you cannot deny it. After all there must be some room on improving on what I did. On the other handI it is obviously rather easy the get great results with Mir.

    The other way of approaching Mir projects with computers below the hefty recommendatios would be to  mix down all the separate parts. (cubase 5  can mixdown separate tracks simulaneously, so in a few minutes you will have dozens of separate stereo files), then put them into Kontakt into MIr. Like this you have "only" Mir tasking your system.

    Concerning Tonehammer: You are right, but hopefully the world outside of v.i.control forum etc. will take a bit longer to realize that it is all over the place. But please let me use it at least a few times. ( I have paid for it)  [:D]

    @ guy: Thanks for the compliment! You are one of my heroes who constantly delivers outstanding music with samples. We all can see ram prices falling rapidly in the last weeks. So lets keep our kidneys and wait a little.  [<:o)]

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