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  • advice on ensemble pro purchase please

    Hello all.

    I have a macpro quad, 4g ram, currently running Vienna stuff within logic. I also have a G5 with no hard drive and only 2g ram. I was thinking of buying a drive / more ram, and using the g5 just for VEpro.

    Is this a good idea? Or would it work out cheaper and more efficient to buy a windows laptop?

    Also, all of my VI samples are on an internal drive in the macpro. Would I have to copy everything over to the g5 to use VEpro on that?

    Many thanks in advance


  • welcome carl,

    pros and cons .... whereas each somehow modern laptop provides more performance compared to a G5 i think the more efficient route would be to complete the G5 (VE PRO isn't too hungry at CPU performance).

    however be aware the PPC platform is somehow dying out (sooner or later VE PRO mainenance for PPC will have to be stopped) and some plugins like the vienna suite convolution don't work at all on PPC.


    using the G5 as a simple sample-playing slave could be a good choice and you wouldn't need to familiarize yourself with windows.

    4 GB is the really minimum memory looking at your registered products - don't expect to get much more than ~ 2.5 GB samples loaded then on such a G5 slave ...

    a notebook should also have at least 4GB and a fast harddrive (7.200 rpm) - that might sum up to a significant amount of money to invest (with 4GB RAM you would also get stuck at ~ 2.5 GB loaded samples)



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi Christian,

    many thanks for the informative reply. I've been on holiday, hence my late follow up.

    I agree that using the g5 as a slave seems the way forward. My only concern is that it needs significant upgrading - a new drive, more memory, a new display etc. Also its quite noisy (unlike the macpro). So I'm not sure if I'd end up spending as much getting it into shape as I would on a new machine, such as an imac or Windows laptop. 

    Thanks again