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  • Is Kontakt 4 more reliable than 3.5 w/ VEP?

    Hi, Using Kontakt 3.5 in 64bit VEP on slave Windows 7 PC. Master is Mac Pro/Logic. A fair amount of dropouts are occurring. Just wondering if Kontakt 4 improves the situation. Thanks for any info.

  • Hi Logo2

    Even if I'm using Cubase 5 with WIN7-64Bit Ultimate I've changed from 3.5 to 4.

    No problem, quite reverse.

    I believe that the version 3.5 doesn't come as a true 64-Bit Version.

    In any case, the installation routine of Kontakt 4 installed a 64-Bit dll-VST-Version into the corresponding VST folder.

    So I would install version 4.

    By the way, all belonging Licences are usable as well with Player 4.

    This statement as a first opinion so far


    Beat Kaufmann

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