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  • How to Handle Midi Signal with Vienna Ensemble Pro/ Kontakt 3.5 inside Logic 9 ?

    Hello Everybody,

    First i hope you had a Great Xmas !

    I've just downloaded Vienna Ensemble Pro cos am curious how it can handle with inside Kontakt.

    Here's my problem and would need some help about midi if anybody here has a little time.

    I've created a 16 multi timbral instrument in Logic 9 and opened one instance of Vienna Ensemble Pro.
    I've loaded 3 Instances of Kontakt 3.5 in Vienna Ens Pro to get 3 different instruments bank of 5 channel each (channel 1 to 15).
    And the last one i've loaded Italian Grand Piano : channel 16

    My problem is about midi : at the moment i have difficulties to play every instrument in the 16 midi channels in Logic ...

    I don't know how to configure midi in Vienna and Kontakt.
    First for the 3 instances in Kontakt they propose many options : Midi In : Omni, none or 1 Plug in Midi In1 to 16 and My MT4 Port 1 and Port 2.
    And on the right window : Omni, none, channel 1 to 16.

    Inside each instrument bank in Kontakt they propose : Omni, Port A from host with 16 channels and Port B to D not available.

    If anybody here uses this kind of configuration and knows how to make it work i would be delighted to learn from you !

    Thanx a lot in advance.

    Best Regards from Paris.


    P.S :
    My set-up :
    Mac Pro Quad Core G5 with 10 Gigas of Ram.
    Logic 9
    Motu 828
    Emagic Midi MT4
    And Kontakt 3.5