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  • Speciale Edition : Apassionnata strings with Standard Edition ?

     Amazingly i have Apassionnata strings available on my standard edition... Is it normal ? I can laod 81 MB of samples and i can see also Chamber Strings and both have a small "L2" symbol. Is it a demo version or not ? Thanks,

  • If my memory serves me right, when you purchase the SE Standard you get something like 60 starts of the extended version as a demo.  Once it gets down to a certain number of starts it should start telling you how many free starts you have left.

  • Hi,

    your ViennaKey contains 180 demo starts, so you can check out the "Extended Library" of the Special Edition. 

    The "L2" marks the instruments and articulations that are contained in the Extended Library of your Special Edition, Appassionata Strings included. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL