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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro Demo - Whats wrong with my installation

    Today, I want to try out Vienna Ensemble Pro. So I've downloaded the VEP Demo Exe File. But - there was no Link for Downloading the Epic Library. The Link in the USER AREA seemed to be broken - or not???? whats wrong I've installed the Pro Demo File correctly. (It seemed so....) A Loopback Server Client Connection could made - But whats with the Lib Files - Thank You

  • Hello Hagen,

    the Epic Orchestra is not included with the demo license of Vienna Ensemble PRO. But as Vienna Ensemble PRO works with any VST/AU plug-in (unfortunately apart from EastWest┬┤s PLAY), it┬┤s easy to check out the features of the software.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Dear Paul, thank you for your email. unfortunately - there was no such informations on your site about incl. or excl. the epic library demo mode - so i've spend too much time to try this out (a few hours!!!). grrrrrrrrrr - I think the second time???????? Because firstly I'm be interested to test the Epic-Bonus Library. Secondary to test the Lan Interface Capabilities. Does one method exist to try out - The Epic Library included in the Pro Software or not? Best Regards Hagen

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    Hello Hagen,

    sorry that this was misleading.

    We just finished a Demo DVD that will be available within the next month. The Epic Orchestra is included on this DVD. Please send an email to our support team in about 2 weeks, and we┬┤ll find a way to send it to you.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Dear Paul, that's fine. I will wait for it - to get it - asap. Kind Regards Hagen