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  • new computer


    Im new to forum but Ive been working happily with Solo Strings and Appassionata for a couple of years.

    I just bought a new Mac an iMac quad corei7

    The libraries are installed on a separate hard drive.

    I have downloaded both the new software/driver? and registered the Key.

    I work in DP and have got DP7 up and running.

    When I open up the VI instrument the player plug in eventually shows up listing every VSL instrument  on the left hand side but nothing at all on the right.  I'm clearly doing something wrong or rather theres something I'm not doing right.  I must admit to being fairly puzzled at the myriad of instructions to do anything.  But there you are.

    I would appreciate any help,  anyone can offer; if you have nothing better to do over Christmas that is.

    Many thanks

  • Obvious question, but have you gone into Directory Manager and added all your sample folders in to it from the external drive?

  • For a sanity check, I recommend bringing up Vienna Instruments in standalone mode outside of Digital Performer first, and also launching your eLicneser software to make sure it sees all the licenses, in addition to launching the VI Directory Manager and having it re-scan the content to make sure it finds all the libraries.

    I would recommend performing those steps in the reverse order that I listed them.

    Sometimes my eLicenser loses its connection, and this will cause the right-hand side of the VI interface to be blank. It can also be blank if it defaults to the Presets vs. other modes. But I'm guessing you already clicked on the other tabs around that circle in the main control section of the interface.

    You can also bring up Activity Monitor to see which VSL processes are running, but don't be fooled by the status saying "Not Responding", as that is a red herring. If you see the number changing rapidly, it may just still be churning through the library content, but usually that completes before the main GUI shows on-screen.