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  • VE Pro + Cubase 5 + W7 8 ports midi don't appear


    I've just installed windows 7 with Cubase 5 and VE pro on my master Daw. When I load an instance of VE pro in cubase I just have 1 midi port (x64) and not 8 as I should get.

    Where do I miss something?

    Thanks for your help


  • Are you loading the VST3 version? You should see /// next to the name.


  • Hi!

    Thanks for the tip!

    Another question, why is there a x64 and a the VST 3 is in 64 ? why then do we have to choose?


  • Both the VST2 and VST3 are 64bit,. However, there is a 32bit server as well as a 64bit server, because you can't load 32bit plugs in the 64bit server.


  • I see :)

    Now, another thing...I'm using a 1280*1024 resolution screen for VE 3 slave. I've loaded over 57 tracks (mostly VI). Now I'm putting effects such as equalizer and compressor. As I'm getting to the final tracks when I click on a effect on them I can't see the windows poping (it seems to appear down below the screen) and there is no way in the options (nor in windows) to get them on my screen.

    Any idea?