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  • Vienna key stolen!

     What is happenning if my vienna key got stolen with my computer?

    How does it work from your side, do i'm still own my lisences? Can a other Vienna key can just be produce with my accompt info?

    I could declare all my product to my insurances.

  •  I still have all the boxes instruments by the way. only the key is missing.

  •  I found all the depressing info for this on some other tread.

    Thanks anyway -

  • Hello Yanick,

    I'm very sorry to hear that your key has been stolen!
    Please contact support (at) directly so that we can take a close look into this issue and help you in this individual case. Don't forget to add information on which key (key number) was stolen, which licenses were stored on this key, and if you've got an insurance for your products or the licenses on the key.

    Best wishes,