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  • MIR PRO and Multiple Mic setups


    I was just wondering if MIR PRO will have multiple mic setups? For example, MIR as it currently stands the mic can be seen as the decca tree mic that would be in front of the entire orchestra. But would it be possible in MIR pro then to add additional mics as spot mics in front of each section and route them to different outputs? For example,  you would end up with

    Main Decca Tree mic (the current mic in MIR)

    Violins I spot mics

    Violins II spot mics

    Violas spot mics

    Celli spot mics

    Bases spot mics

    Horns spot mics

    Brass spot mics

    Percussion spot mics

    all set to different outputs, so you can raise and lower parts for solos or to help to define faster parts, etc. I know MIR is a mixing engine as well as a convolution reverb, but in the recording of film music this is how the recording is done. The decca tree is the main source, but additional spot mics are used when required.


  • Hi Simsy,

    Yes, we have plans for stems and bus outputs. We also think about adding the possibility for mixing different main mics in one venue. There won't be additional "semi-close" section mics, though.

    What we have _now_ are the dry signals, of course, which have to be seen as the spot microphones on a real stage. To work with sections, MIR's Group feature is your first choice now. - MIR 1.1 will introduce group-able Mute and Solo for easier handling.

    BTW - the MIR's main microphone is a bit different from your conventional decca-tree as MIR's wet-signal doesn't contain any direct signal. You always have to mix in a certain amount of the direct signal for a realistic result.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • So can I route the dry signals of say the string section to a bus group and therefore to another output?

  • That should be possible, yes.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • So, is this possible in the current version of MIR? Can I route the dry signals of the strings, woodwind, brass and percussion to different busses and now have 5 stereo outputs, one for each bus and one with the full room mix?

  • No - we were talking about the upcoming MIR Pro, weren't we?

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hey Simsy, you'd better be careful or Dietz will give you a spanking for asking impertinent questions. I've already had mine, so I'm safe. [:P]


  • ... excuse me? [:|]

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library