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  • VE Pro with L9 .. Dropout during bounce

    Hi Guys,  this one is driving me insane..  

    I have a Logic session triggering 4 Kontakt 3.5's in VEPro.  Approximately 12 stereo pairs coming back into Logic.  Everything works fine with this session until I go to Bounce the session to a stereo mix. 

    Randomly,  all audio from the VEPro will drop-out for a split second - making the real-time bounce useless.  Of course,  I can't do an offline bounce as that doesnt work with VEPro.. so what do I do?!  It never happens in the same place.. it's random.

    My system isn't a sloucher - 3Gz8core w/ 22GB RAM, 10k sample drives, OS 10.5.8.   Sample buffer usually 256, tried 512 - no difference.

    CPU usage in logic is bumbling at maybe 5% on ONE core?  Activity Monitor show VEPRO using 35% overall.

    Any ideas?  Adjusting VEPro's thread count didn't make a difference either.

  • The same is happening with L8..  this is driving me absolutely insane and makes VEPro useless for me.. as now I have to edit together my stems in protools from multiple real-time passes to 'patch up' that glitch hole.


  • Actually offline bounce works for me with Logic 9 and VEPro. I am using the plugin not the standalone.


  • For the record, I'm starting to discover the same problem - I'm using the latest build of VEPro with lots of Kontakt 4's loaded into the VEPro32 server. Not only those instruments but occasionally others, such as Trilian, will dropout unexpectedly. It's quite annoying. At one point, I thought I could get around it by doing a "Bounce in Place" in Logic 9, only to discover that the bounced audio ALSO had experienced dropouts (which wasn't at first evident, since Bounce in Place occurred in faster-than-realtime). I've tried to set everything up as per the recommendations: Logic's Process Buffer range set to "Medium", latency in each VEPro server plugin's instance set to "2 buffers" to be safe; multi-processing in the VEPro server itself set to 8 threads; K4's multi-processing set to "off"; even Logic's own buffer set to as high as 1024, but the problem still occurs sporadically. Sometimes it seems to at least be temporarily be solved by completely closing down the computer and re-loading everything, but as one of the reasons I got VEPro was to NOT have to re-load my template (which takes many minutes), this is, needless to say, quite annoying.... I'm hoping there'll be a fix soon - - robjohn99 MacPro (early 2009), 12 gigs RAM, Logic 9.02, VEPro (latest build), Kontakt 4, Trilian, etc., etc...

  • Yeah I was getting *really* white knuckled over this - as this was supposed to solve problems.


    I was under the gun and had to get 4 cues delivered - each requiring multi-passes for stems..  7 each..  and it just kept dropping out.  Never in the same spot.  The cue would be 2 minutes in and.. hiccup.  2 minutes wasted... multiplied by 20+ times in agonizing attempts to get these files sent out.


    In the end,  I had to put my plogue bidule computer back into the scenario,  match the routing and bussing work I spent many hours configuring, disabling VSL in these Logic sessions and then matching the verbs/EQ etc etc..... Blarg..   anyway,  in the end - everything worked properly - the first time using my B computer recording in 24ch. of audio in one pass.  Cues delivered. 


    I wasted at least 5 hours trying to get around these glitches during a really stressful writing deadline.  Not happy.


    As fantastic as VEPro is,  I don't think it's ready as a replacement for secondary systems with audio hardware.  Because if I can't create master files without having to really sit there to be sure nothing goofed up... there's no point.  The dedicated computers I have with their own hardware don't mess up - ever.  It's as invisible a process as having a rack mount sound module being triggered.


    I just wished I had stuck with the demo and not dropped the cash on it so quickly.  Here's hoping for fixes sooner than later! :)

    It's definitely VEPro doing the dropout because if I'm working on them side-by-side... everything in VEPro freezes (including the meters etc).   Logic hums along 

  • Any comment by the VSL people about this? It's pretty much a deal-breaker for many of us so it would be nice to know it's a problem they can reproduce and are working on! Best - robjohn99

  • Same Problems Here too. Logic 9 on MBP Snow Leopard connected to 32bit Slave (Win XP) Computer via VEP (current Public Beta Release). Offline Bouncing is impossible, since it has drop outs. Very annoying. Online bouncing usually works... No special Plugins, only Epic Orchestra used - Returning 6 Stereo Audio Channels with high buffer settings. Please comment on this Vienna Team ! Cheers,nostaller

  • Ok - O got it ... When Using Automation in Logic 9.0.2 to Automate Volume of the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server PlugIn - Offline bouncing produces Clicks and Pops. Everything works fine without Automation. I have also tested the same setup on the same hardware using Cubase 5.1.1 ... Everything works fine in Cubase also with Automation: once Again my setup: MBP OSX 10.6.2 Logic 9.0.2 / Cubase 5.1.1 Slave PC 32bit Pentium 3.4 GHZ VEP (Current Beta Public release) with highest Buffer Settings. Can annybody reproduce this?

  • I had some drop outs today too. not only during the bounces. I corrected the settings in VEp (can't access this settings in server mode - only in standalone) and Kontakt 3.5 and set the multicore to "8 cores" (what it physically is - before it was set on 16) and i set the overload protection in Kontakt to "relaxed". 

    reload everything - works well!

    hope that helps.

    all the best, Daniel